“At home alone, a 14 year old girl takes a phone call from Scientology. This starts a quarter of a century journey of manipulation, betrayal and sexual, physical and mental abuse. This journey leads to the highest management echelon and one woman’s courage to break free. It’s a real page turner.”
— Mark P.

“Amy Scobee has written a book unlike any other expose of Scientology. She actually was at the top of International Management for 20 years, and oversaw the recruitment of Hollywood stars into the Church of Scientology. She witnessed the abuse of top managers by their senior, David Miscavige. She writes convincingly of the human rights violations she endured while on the Rehabilitation Project Force, a thinly disguised slave labor camp. Her book is enjoyable to insiders and laymen alike, with a glossary of terms provided, and plentiful footnotes. This is an important contribution to understanding the controversy surrounding the Church of Scientology. The glaring spotlight eventually points to Abuse at the Top.”
— Michael H.

“I had no idea what was actually going on inside Scientology. Their management is completely corrupt. I don’t think any celebrity would endorse this “religion” if they read this book. Amy was very brave to tell her story. Now I hope authorities will take action to stop the abuse as far too many families are being torn apart and people are being hurt.”
— Deborah F.