Amy Scobee was a staff member for the Church of Scientology for 27 years. She escalated up the ranks to the top of church management by the time she was twenty, where she remained for two decades. For much of that time, she served as a member of the Watchdog Committee, the highest management body in Scientology, which supervises every sector that makes up the church today. In this book, Amy relates her experiences from her discovery of Scientology as a 14-year-old to her episodes in building the Celebrity Center network for the likes of Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Kirstie Alley.

Amy’s account of what she both experienced and witnessed first hand that lead to her departure in 2005 and subsequent decision to speak out against what she now classifies as a “dangerous cult” is both fascinating and chilling.

Amy Scobee now lives with her husband, Mark “Mat” Pesch in Washington State. She continues to expose Scientology’s human rights violations in the hopes of bringing the abuse to an end.

My husband, Mark “Mat” Pesch and me in 2005, shortly
after we left the Church of Scientology.

Enjoying our new life!